Dog boarding guest Tiqui from Toronto, Ontario

Tiqui is small dog with a big personality. She is a very happy and affectionate dog. She loves going for short walks but is more interested in sniffing and marking her territory  and less in walking . I never take her for a walk with other dogs who will walk faster as well as not stop as often as Tiqui. She has had problems with her back legs so I  never push her to walk too quickly or too far. She just needs to get out a little bit and that’s all.

Tiqui is a barker and would act as a guard dog and would let me know when anyone comes on my property or to my front door.

Tiqui is diabetic and epileptic. All this means is that she has to take certain medications and get her caninsulin injections twice daily. She is very very patient and I always give some treat after each injection and each day in the afternoon to keep her blood sugar level steady throughout the day.

She has quite a healthy appetite. Instead of regular dog treats I boil up broccoli, cauliflower, and string beans for her. Sometimes I slice up some raw English cucumber, yellow, orange or red pepper or the crunchy light green stalks of Romaine lettuce too.

Tique is 12 years old!

Dog boarding guest Frankie from Mississauga, ON

Frankie – a dog boarding guest from Mississauga

Yorkie dogI’ve only had Frankie with me a few times, and he has left me with a great impression. He is a Yorkie from Mississauga and he is the smallest, tinniest dog that I have ever seen. I never even thought that a  dog could be that small. When my husband entered our home, and saw Frankie for the first time, he thought it was a hamster. I could barely convince him that it was actually a dog. His owners had to attach a bell to his collar so that they wouldn’t lose him. Yorkie and Poodle dogsAt first i thought it was really cute, but later realized that it was a necessity. He ran behind some shoes, and i would have never of found him without his little bell. Hes only four months old, and my son can barely stand how cute he is. If he even looks at you, your heart will melt with love. When you pet him, his nestles his head into your lap, and closes his eyes. Its almost therapeutic of how calm he is when you pet him, your eyes slowly close with his, and I’ve fallen asleep petting him nearly three times now.

Dog boarding guest Holly from Georgetown, ON

Holly – dog boarding guest from Georgetown, ON

Golden retrieverHolly is a regular visitor to our dog boarding facility from Georgetown whom I love dearly.   Shes an old Golden Retriever to say the least, and has a nearly human like personality.  Every morning I wake up, and take her out for a walk.  So when I approach her for her walk, she makes a smile at me and despite her age, starts quickly wagging her tail and jumping up and down out of excitement.  Holly is one of my favourite dogs to walk because she is one of the most calming dogs to walk with that I have ever met.  From the second we leave the front door until the second we come back, she doesn’t pull on the leash, she doesn’t get excited by any animals or people, and she likes to stop and smell the flowers. I try to take care of Holly as much as I can.  She just got out of surgery, so for the past little while, she has just been trying to recover.  She had to wear these shirts to keep her from licking the stitches. So I took her shirt, and washed it for her everyday.  Holly is just a very important dog to me, and there really isn’t any like her.

Dog Boarding guest Casey from Toronto, ON

Casey – Dog Boarding Guest from Toronto, ON

DachshundCasey is a very unique dog. He is a dachshund from Toronto, ON and is absolutely the cutest dog. He really enjoys just laying around, and absolutely loves my bed. The reason why he loves beds so much is because he takes his little tiny nose, and starts to create little tunnels underneath the sheets, and just sleeps there for hours underneath the blankets.  Its always really easy to find him because there would be a small hump in the blankets, and you can hear him snore from the door.  I get a good laugh when i take my walks with him.   He has really tiny legs so when he walks or even runs, they move so fast that you cant even see them.  Due to his short legs, he cant walk for any longer than thirty minutes before wanting to sit down and rest every three meters.  First time i walked with him, i was with my son, and we had no idea that he couldn’t walk for very long. So my son ended up having to carry him in his arms back home.  It was the funniest walk ever, it was more exercise for my son rather than Casey.  He also has the rare skill of being able to stand on his hind legs, and since he has a very long body and short legs, its a very funny sight to see.  He is a delightful dog to have around, and will always leave you smiling.

Dog boarding guest Cooper from Brampton, ON

Cooper – a dog boarding guest from Brampton, ON

Golden Retriever From the second I met him, Copper demonstrated that he is one of the sweetest, and lovable dogs that I have ever met.  First of all, he is extremely smart. I remember once that i was outside with him taking a nice long walk without his leash. And when we were started to approach the house, i tried to call him inside.  But mistakenly, I addressed to him in Ukrainian, but he somehow knew exactly what I meant because he stopped smelling the flowers, and came running in.   Cooper is also a very passionate and caring dog.  Anytime that I part with him for longer than five minutes, when i return he comes running up to me, puts his head in my lap, Golden Retrieverstands by my side, and just anticipates for me to pet him.  I also have never met a dog that eats as strangely as Cooper.  When i put the bowl of food down on the ground, most dogs would sprint to get it, but not cooper.  I’ll finish adding the final touches to his dinner, and place it right in front of him, and his reaction is to die for.  He ignores his food, runs up to me, and just wants to give me hugs and kisses. I practically have to push him to his food.  He also leaves a few pebbles of food, and will only eat them if i feed them to him out of my hand.  Needless to say that cooper is a very special dog.