Dog boarding guests Chulito, Nimo and Zali from Etobicoke, Ontario

Shih-tzu dogs from Etobicoke are my favorite guests! All tree of them!

Chulito is 8 years old puppy, was rescued from a family, where his owners believe the man of the house was abusive, and had kicked in the dogs teeth. Chulito had some issues for a while around men, including the groomer and the vet, but he has been able to oercome this. He will bark when somebody enters the room or when someone is at the door.  This however; is not aggression. He will respond well to a kind and loving approach. He enjoys sleeping, and usually does not eat his breakfast very early, and likes to eat  his food separate from the other two.He needs a little encouragement to eat and eats slowly. I always leave the dry food available for Chulito.

Nimo and Zaly is 6 and 5 years old and was rescued from the dog pound in Quebec. He and Zali came from a farm where the owner was a lady and she had at least 20 more dogs. Every so often, she would place them in the dog pound and just leave them there for an extended period of time. When Zali and Nimo met for the first time in the owner’s home, it was nearly instant recognition, and they kissed and played and were over joyed! Since then, they are inseparable. They sleep together, eat together, and walk together. Nimo will kiss Zali every night before they go to sleep.