Dog boarding guest Maisy from Brampton, Ontario

Maisy is an English Setter from Brampton, Ontario.

From the very moment that Maisy enters my home, until the second she leaves, is filled with many moments of happiness and laughter.  Its dogs like Maisy that make my work amazing and easy.  She requires no work, she obedient, doesn’t steal food, doesn’t get scrappy or feisty with other dogs, and is filled with compassion for everyone. Its almost hard for me to believe the stories that the owner had told me.  Her owner explained how shes tried running from other dog hotels, and how a kennel even said that they wouldn’t accept Maisy anymore.  He continued to explain how other dig sitters said that shes the worst dog that they have ever met, that any attempt at making her obedient is useless, and that he there is no hope of turning her into a good dog.  When he told me all this, i couldn’t believe it, and its still hard for me to think that anyone could think that of Maisy.  She is so passionate, she thrives off love.  The owner was convinced that i was working with magic, and he was so grateful that i said i would allow his dog to stay at anytime.  It seemed rather silly to me, because shes really is an amazing dog, i should have rather thanked him for allowing her to stay with me.