Dog boarding guest Holly from Georgetown, ON

Holly – dog boarding guest from Georgetown, ON

Golden retrieverHolly is a regular visitor to our dog boarding facility from Georgetown whom I love dearly.   Shes an old Golden Retriever to say the least, and has a nearly human like personality.  Every morning I wake up, and take her out for a walk.  So when I approach her for her walk, she makes a smile at me and despite her age, starts quickly wagging her tail and jumping up and down out of excitement.  Holly is one of my favourite dogs to walk because she is one of the most calming dogs to walk with that I have ever met.  From the second we leave the front door until the second we come back, she doesn’t pull on the leash, she doesn’t get excited by any animals or people, and she likes to stop and smell the flowers. I try to take care of Holly as much as I can.  She just got out of surgery, so for the past little while, she has just been trying to recover.  She had to wear these shirts to keep her from licking the stitches. So I took her shirt, and washed it for her everyday.  Holly is just a very important dog to me, and there really isn’t any like her.

Dog boarding guest from Georgetown, ON

Lucy – a dog boarding guest from Georgetown, Ontario

I have this one, very memorable dog that always goes by the name of Lucy.  She is three years old, and  has been frequently visiting me ever since she was just under a year old. So naturally, I feel as if she is part of the family.  I can honestly say that I’ve never quite met a dog like her, and its hard to put into words why.  She is a black Great Dane, so obviously shes a gigantic dog.  She can reach over the counter table without even jumping.  But what makes her different from all the other dogs in the world is her unique personality and character.  She is always so anxious to see me again, and when her owners pull into my driveway, she can’t wait to get out of the car to give me hugs and kisses.  The thing that really makes me laugh is despite her size, She acts as if shes a tiny little poodle.  She sleeps in the tiniest bed that i have, even though her owners bring her a giant mattress for her.  Whats even funnier, is when I’m sitting on the couch, she comes up to me, and just jumps right into my arms.  This is normal for any dog, but it just looks hilarious when its a gigantic great Dane that comes up to me sits on my lap.

Dog boarding guest from Georgetown, Ontario

Shelby – Dog boarding guest from Georgetown, ON

Shelby is White Labrador from Georgetown who’s personality makes her another unforgettable puppy.  She was born with Luzatin Patella on both of her back legs ( knee caps not sitting properly on the femurs and the knee caps would frequently move around causing her to constantly limp). She also has hip dysplasia (25%) on her left side. Her right hip is fine. She had her first knee surgery at one year and second knee surgery at two years of age. ( Shelby has $5000.00 legs!) Her nees are now fine and she is not on any medication. However, she can tire easily on walks ( especially in the heat) and will sit down for a minute or so until she feels “good to go” A little coaxing with a small piece of cookie gets her up! She is used to being walked for 45 mins to 1 hour per day. Shelby’s promblems with her legs has thankfully never ever stopped her from playing or running around. Shes actually rather energetic and doesn’t always just sit around. Unlike most dogs, she doesn’t. Her owners love taking her to me when they go out on vacations because they  say that when Shelby is with me, she is a totally different dog.  They said that their dog never listens to anyone better than me.

Dog boarding guest from Georgetown, ON

Buster – Dog boarding guest from Georgetown, ON

Dog boarding - white dogBuster is a very delightful puppy. He comes to our dog boarding facility from Georgetown, Ontario. There are a few things that I notice right away when I see him that just make me smile. He is pretty much a tiny fluff ball, he has so much fur that you cant even tell where his tail and head are. The very second i even see buster he just makes me want to pet him. He instantly starts wagging his tail in delight, and hops up and down with his tiny tongue hanging out. He has a favourite toy that he loves to play with. Its a little a stuffed ant, and he could play catch with it all day. When you actually throw the ant, Buster sprints as fast as he can, and jumps to get the ant. Even though Buster is an amazing dog now, there were a couple of things i had to teach buster to make him who he is today. When i first met him, he was a little shy towards the other dogs. So I had to help him communicate with the other dogs, and got him to be a little more playful and he gets more involved when other dogs are playing.