Dog boarding guest labrador retreaver Reese from Toronto, Ontario


Reese is the Labrador retreaver from Toronto, Ontario

Reese is my old friend and he visits me very often. I miss him every time he leaves my home. And I’m happy every time he comes again. We do everything together . He loves to help me to cook and especially he loves to try some my meals. He always tells me that I’m a wonderful cook. A couple years ago when he was staying with me, he had snuck past everyone that was standing in the room, and had run up to the table, and stole the Christmas lamb. It was a shock, but it was rather fanny because my husband made a joke saying that “At least this is the most delicious Christmas dinner that Reese has probably ever gotten”.


Now Reese gest older . He is 11 yard old. On his last birthday he was with as at my house and we gave a party for Reese. He has quests few Labrador retrievers, one Pomeranian, one French bulldog and Boston terrier mix, one golden retriever. I made a cake for birthday boy. He also received some presents. But biggest preset was play and swim with his friends. In the end of the day everybody was tired but very happy. I will always remember that day full of love, fun and happiness.

Dog boarding guest from Georgetown, Ontario

Shelby – Dog boarding guest from Georgetown, ON

Shelby is White Labrador from Georgetown who’s personality makes her another unforgettable puppy.  She was born with Luzatin Patella on both of her back legs ( knee caps not sitting properly on the femurs and the knee caps would frequently move around causing her to constantly limp). She also has hip dysplasia (25%) on her left side. Her right hip is fine. She had her first knee surgery at one year and second knee surgery at two years of age. ( Shelby has $5000.00 legs!) Her nees are now fine and she is not on any medication. However, she can tire easily on walks ( especially in the heat) and will sit down for a minute or so until she feels “good to go” A little coaxing with a small piece of cookie gets her up! She is used to being walked for 45 mins to 1 hour per day. Shelby’s promblems with her legs has thankfully never ever stopped her from playing or running around. Shes actually rather energetic and doesn’t always just sit around. Unlike most dogs, she doesn’t. Her owners love taking her to me when they go out on vacations because they  say that when Shelby is with me, she is a totally different dog.  They said that their dog never listens to anyone better than me.