Dog boarding guest Happy from Erin, Ontario

He is a special dog, and his name is Happy. He is a 4 year old beautiful, healthy, intelligent dog. Happy is extremely friendly and is always very fond of meeting new people. He loves every one and loves attention. I love to play with Happy. Happy’s favoutite thing to do is being outdoors with me, fetching a ball or a Frisbee. Every day me and Happy take a long walk into the woods and swim in the pond. Eevryone calls him the Water Dog because he loves th pong so much. Happy loves any kind of  activity – walking, running outdoors, he is very atheletic. He enjoys the company of his doggy-friends, he loves to play and run with them. Happy is very good natured and sweet. His owners love him! They say that he has lived up to his name… he is happy!

When he came for his first boarding, I had an impression that we know each other for a long time. He is extremely adaptive. It was just a pleasure to take care of Happy. I love everything about him.  He is very kind and sweet and I am always happy to have him stay with us again, and again.

Dog boarding guest labrador retreaver Reese from Toronto, Ontario


Reese is the Labrador retreaver from Toronto, Ontario

Reese is my old friend and he visits me very often. I miss him every time he leaves my home. And I’m happy every time he comes again. We do everything together . He loves to help me to cook and especially he loves to try some my meals. He always tells me that I’m a wonderful cook. A couple years ago when he was staying with me, he had snuck past everyone that was standing in the room, and had run up to the table, and stole the Christmas lamb. It was a shock, but it was rather fanny because my husband made a joke saying that “At least this is the most delicious Christmas dinner that Reese has probably ever gotten”.


Now Reese gest older . He is 11 yard old. On his last birthday he was with as at my house and we gave a party for Reese. He has quests few Labrador retrievers, one Pomeranian, one French bulldog and Boston terrier mix, one golden retriever. I made a cake for birthday boy. He also received some presents. But biggest preset was play and swim with his friends. In the end of the day everybody was tired but very happy. I will always remember that day full of love, fun and happiness.

Dog boarding guest from Georgetown, ON

Lucy – a dog boarding guest from Georgetown, Ontario

I have this one, very memorable dog that always goes by the name of Lucy.  She is three years old, and  has been frequently visiting me ever since she was just under a year old. So naturally, I feel as if she is part of the family.  I can honestly say that I’ve never quite met a dog like her, and its hard to put into words why.  She is a black Great Dane, so obviously shes a gigantic dog.  She can reach over the counter table without even jumping.  But what makes her different from all the other dogs in the world is her unique personality and character.  She is always so anxious to see me again, and when her owners pull into my driveway, she can’t wait to get out of the car to give me hugs and kisses.  The thing that really makes me laugh is despite her size, She acts as if shes a tiny little poodle.  She sleeps in the tiniest bed that i have, even though her owners bring her a giant mattress for her.  Whats even funnier, is when I’m sitting on the couch, she comes up to me, and just jumps right into my arms.  This is normal for any dog, but it just looks hilarious when its a gigantic great Dane that comes up to me sits on my lap.