Dog boarding guest Lexy from Mississauga, Ontario

Lexy is a portuguese water dog and is from mississauga.  She is very pretty, smart, athletic, and knows many tricks.  She can play dead, give people high fives, play hide and seek with toys, andmost intertestingly knows hand gestures and responds to them.  Lexy is absolutly crazy about outdoor activities.  She loves swimming, running in the grass, and tries to catch butterflies.I love taking walks with her because  she has this thing about her where she cant pass by a single puddle without stepping in it.  And if its a tiny puddle, she runs up to it, and lies in it.  Covering herself head to toe. Its rather entertaining, and funny to watch.

Last time she stayed with me, i only spoke to her in ukrainian.  When her owners came and took her home, they were in a bit of a shock when they tried to give her a command.  they  were bilingual so they first said “come” in english, and the dog ignored them.  The dog is extremely obedient, so they were more then comfused.  They then said it in Romanian, and the dog did not react.  It was only when they said “come” in ukrainian, that the dog instantly got up and ran to them.  the owners couldnt believe their eyes.