Dog boarding guest Tiqui from Toronto, Ontario

Tiqui is small dog with a big personality. She is a very happy and affectionate dog. She loves going for short walks but is more interested in sniffing and marking her territory  and less in walking . I never take her for a walk with other dogs who will walk faster as well as not stop as often as Tiqui. She has had problems with her back legs so I  never push her to walk too quickly or too far. She just needs to get out a little bit and that’s all.

Tiqui is a barker and would act as a guard dog and would let me know when anyone comes on my property or to my front door.

Tiqui is diabetic and epileptic. All this means is that she has to take certain medications and get her caninsulin injections twice daily. She is very very patient and I always give some treat after each injection and each day in the afternoon to keep her blood sugar level steady throughout the day.

She has quite a healthy appetite. Instead of regular dog treats I boil up broccoli, cauliflower, and string beans for her. Sometimes I slice up some raw English cucumber, yellow, orange or red pepper or the crunchy light green stalks of Romaine lettuce too.

Tique is 12 years old!