Why to choose Tanya’s Dog Home Boarding

Why to choose Tanya’s Dog Home Boarding

Home Dog BoardingChoosing a dog boarding facility can be daunting. Tanya’s Dog boarding offers upscale, luxury boarding facility at the price of  basic boarding services. Here is a few key questions you may have while choosing dog boarding facilities.

·  Where will my dog stay? – Dogs stay with our family in our house as loved family members. We don’t use crates or kennels.  Our 23 acres estate includes two beautiful lakes and direct access to natural trails and is now carefully arranged for play and training needs.

·  What will my dog be fed? –  Generally, most dogs do not acclimate well to being fed a different diet while at a boarding facility; therefore, we ask you to bring your dog’s own food in.

Dog Boarding Exercise·  What kinds of exercise will be available for my dog? – We spend as much time outside as your dog needs. There is a fenced area behind the house and we also take dogs for long walks around our 23 acres estate. If you dog loves swimming we have two beautiful lakes.

·  Do dogs interact with each other? – Since all dogs are boarded in our house, they play, walk, sleep together, if your dog will require some alone time, we have a spare bedroom to accommodate it.

·  What will happen if my dog gets sick or is injured? – Accidents may happen even in the safe and well-supervised facility like ours. We require you to provide us with medical history of your dog, your vet information and permission to transport your dog to the nearest vet clinic in case of illness.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at (416) 277-7934.