Dog boarding guest Frankie from Mississauga, ON

Frankie – a dog boarding guest from Mississauga

Yorkie dogI’ve only had Frankie with me a few times, and he has left me with a great impression. He is a Yorkie from Mississauga and he is the smallest, tinniest dog that I have ever seen. I never even thought that a  dog could be that small. When my husband entered our home, and saw Frankie for the first time, he thought it was a hamster. I could barely convince him that it was actually a dog. His owners had to attach a bell to his collar so that they wouldn’t lose him. Yorkie and Poodle dogsAt first i thought it was really cute, but later realized that it was a necessity. He ran behind some shoes, and i would have never of found him without his little bell. Hes only four months old, and my son can barely stand how cute he is. If he even looks at you, your heart will melt with love. When you pet him, his nestles his head into your lap, and closes his eyes. Its almost therapeutic of how calm he is when you pet him, your eyes slowly close with his, and I’ve fallen asleep petting him nearly three times now.

Dog boarding guest from Etobicoke, ON

Zeus – a dog boarding guest from Etobicoke, Ontario

Zeus is one of the regulars to our dog boarding from Etobicoke, ON, and comes to stay with me very often.  He is a Yorkie mix, and he is a very special doggy that needs a lot of love.  Not everyone could take care for Zeus,  he is a puppy with many needs.  When I wake up every morning, hes already pumped raring to go for a walk. The funny thing is, is that he is one of the only dogs that I know that prefer to walk with a leash, where as most dogs would love to just run around.  But not Zeus, he just loves my company when we walk.  After the walk I have to start cooking his special meal.  He has a very special diet, so I always wake up a little early just to cook for him.  He also has many allergies, so I always have to keep him in sight and keep my eye on him.  I also have to give him a needle fairly often to ensure that his allergies don’t trouble him.  Needless to say, it takes a lot of work to take care of him, and not everyone could do it.  I love taking care of him, and look forward to each of his visits.