Dog boarding guest Happy from Erin, Ontario

He is a special dog, and his name is Happy. He is a 4 year old beautiful, healthy, intelligent dog. Happy is extremely friendly and is always very fond of meeting new people. He loves every one and loves attention. I love to play with Happy. Happy’s favoutite thing to do is being outdoors with me, fetching a ball or a Frisbee. Every day me and Happy take a long walk into the woods and swim in the pond. Eevryone calls him the Water Dog because he loves th pong so much. Happy loves any kind of  activity – walking, running outdoors, he is very atheletic. He enjoys the company of his doggy-friends, he loves to play and run with them. Happy is very good natured and sweet. His owners love him! They say that he has lived up to his name… he is happy!

When he came for his first boarding, I had an impression that we know each other for a long time. He is extremely adaptive. It was just a pleasure to take care of Happy. I love everything about him.  He is very kind and sweet and I am always happy to have him stay with us again, and again.

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