Dog Boarding guest Casey from Toronto, ON

Casey – Dog Boarding Guest from Toronto, ON

DachshundCasey is a very unique dog. He is a dachshund from Toronto, ON and is absolutely the cutest dog. He really enjoys just laying around, and absolutely loves my bed. The reason why he loves beds so much is because he takes his little tiny nose, and starts to create little tunnels underneath the sheets, and just sleeps there for hours underneath the blankets.  Its always really easy to find him because there would be a small hump in the blankets, and you can hear him snore from the door.  I get a good laugh when i take my walks with him.   He has really tiny legs so when he walks or even runs, they move so fast that you cant even see them.  Due to his short legs, he cant walk for any longer than thirty minutes before wanting to sit down and rest every three meters.  First time i walked with him, i was with my son, and we had no idea that he couldn’t walk for very long. So my son ended up having to carry him in his arms back home.  It was the funniest walk ever, it was more exercise for my son rather than Casey.  He also has the rare skill of being able to stand on his hind legs, and since he has a very long body and short legs, its a very funny sight to see.  He is a delightful dog to have around, and will always leave you smiling.

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