4 Replies to “Dog boarding guest Jimmy from Brampton, Ontario”

  1. Hello Tanya,

    Thank-you for sending these photos along of Jimmy. I know he had a great time with you and your family and it seems like he misses you all.
    Thanks again for providing an excellent and loving environment for him. This was his first time he was boarded in his 11 years and I know he will look forward to the next time….which could be as soon as this October.
    Jimmy is headed to his groomers this Saturday for his summer cut and I will pass along your contact information to them as they are seeking a reliable dog boarder to pass on to their customers.
    I greatly appreciate the kindness and care you provided Jimmy and especially the peace of mind I had while travelling.
    Best regards,

      1. Thank-you Tanya – my daughter has posted Jim’s pics on her Facebook. Have a great rest-of-the-summer! Cheers, Doug

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