Dog boarding guests Chulo, Zali and Nimo from Toronto, Ontario

Shih-tzu Chulo, Zali and Nimo always happy. It is great to have them with us at the dogs hotel.



  • This is Chulo. We call him “a little Budda” because he is always calm and relaxed.


  • Zali is lovely girl who loves to sit on your lap all the time



  • Zali and Nimo love each other  very much. Nimo kisses Zali and Zali kisses Nimo. They always together.



  • all three of them – Zali, Nimo and Chulo



Nimo is looking for Zali


2 Replies to “Dog boarding guests Chulo, Zali and Nimo from Toronto, Ontario”

  1. Dear Tanya:
    Wow! Your know our kids soooo well! Thank you for all the love that you give them when we are away, this is the only reason why we can relax knowing that they are in the best of hands,safe , protected and loved like in our own home.
    We can surely tell how happy and relaxed they are after spending time with you and your family.
    We are forever grateful!
    John & Amira

    1. Thank you my dear John and Amira!
      I feel honored to have such сlients like you. Thank you again for your loyalty, kindness and understanding.

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