Dog boarding guest Holly from Georgetown, ON

Holly – dog boarding guest from Georgetown, ON

Golden retrieverHolly is a regular visitor to our dog boarding facility from Georgetown whom I love dearly.   Shes an old Golden Retriever to say the least, and has a nearly human like personality.  Every morning I wake up, and take her out for a walk.  So when I approach her for her walk, she makes a smile at me and despite her age, starts quickly wagging her tail and jumping up and down out of excitement.  Holly is one of my favourite dogs to walk because she is one of the most calming dogs to walk with that I have ever met.  From the second we leave the front door until the second we come back, she doesn’t pull on the leash, she doesn’t get excited by any animals or people, and she likes to stop and smell the flowers. I try to take care of Holly as much as I can.  She just got out of surgery, so for the past little while, she has just been trying to recover.  She had to wear these shirts to keep her from licking the stitches. So I took her shirt, and washed it for her everyday.  Holly is just a very important dog to me, and there really isn’t any like her.

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